Omaha Improv
Festival '14
May 28th-June 1st
Our 2nd annual festival, this time with a bigger brand-new location downtown, twice the amount of coaches, and almost 2x the size of our own local scene. If you heard anything about our first year, we promise this one will be even better. This time, we're even adding a little bit of sketch into the mix. Our coaches are visiting from LA, NY, and Chicago and will both performing in shows and teaching workshops. We have Kevin Mullaney, Sean Conroy, Suzi Barrett, Chad Fogland, Elana Fishbein, Jon Silver, Sarah Burton, and Anne Victoria Clark all weekend long!

Make sure to check out our great coaches, the 16 teams visiting from cities like NY, Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver, and Kansas City, as well as roughly 40 local performers.

Last year, we had 13 teams come in from 9 other states, along with four great coaches- Craig Cackowski, Jimmy Carrane, Rick Andrews, and Amber Ruffin. Check out some great pictures from last year below.
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