Find Your Character - Torian Miller, 3Peat

Sometimes performers have a tough time finding a character and inspiration to keep a scene going once in character. This workshop is designed to overcome that and provide tools to find more going forward. Register for this workshop!

Organic Scenes and Premise-Based Scenes - Seth Morris

In this workshop we'll explore two of the main types of long form improv scenes: scenes built on a premise derived from the opening and organic scenes where the first unusual thing is discovered, heightened and explored.  Register for this workshop!

Character Work - Seth Morris

This workshop is all about improvised characters. How to find inspiration for a character from an opening, how to use people from your real life as inspiration for characters in your long form work and the importance of "straight man" in character scenes. Register for this workshop!

Sign up for one of our workshops. Must be 18+ to participate. 

play It ReaL - Rob Alesiani and Kristen Schier Workshop

In this workshop, Kristen and Rob will help participants focus on vulnerability and authenticity as pathway to sincere comedy, over invention and artifice.   When our choices are truthful, we have a strong foundation of our scene.  We can always make the real, authentic choice no matter how absurd a character or situation we find ourselves in.  The object is to get our audiences to believe us so that they can emotionally invest in our characters and scenes, no matter how silly.  Honesty and authenticity are the foundation, everything else is detail.  Register for this workshop!

Kevin McDonald Workshops

Join Kevin McDonald of the Kids in the Hall for a one-day workshop to learn how to write sketches through improvisation – just like the Kids in the Hall used to do. But not only that! You will do a show that night with Kevin, in front of a real live audience, performing the sketches you wrote that day. Exciting? Kevin thinks so. Of course Kevin is very boring and thinks chairs are exciting. Kevin will talk about the secrets of writing comedy sketches (hopefully their secrets and not lies) and teach you the Kids in the Hall process of coming up with an idea and turning it into a sketch through improvisational rehearsal. You will be performing and writing with Kevin supervising, all day. And that night, you put on a show. 
During the workshop, he promises bathroom and lunch breaks and if you ask him, there's a good chance Kevin will tell stories about the Kids in the Hall. You might actually have to ask him to shut up telling stories about the Kids in the Hall. He's beside me now, telling stories about the Kids in the Hall. Shut up, Kevin. Register for this workshop!

Musical Improv Madness - stacey smith

Love improv? Love to sing? Combine the two! This workshop will focus on basic song structure, chorus building, rhyming, harmonizing, theatricality and creating that perfect show-stopping solo, duet or group number! Register for this workshop!


Dramatic Improv - Shantira Jackson, 3Peat

In this workshop, you will learn how to initiate and maintain scenes through honest and grounded scene work without always going for the laugh. Getting serious can get you to funny. Previous improv experience recommended. Register for this workshop!

The Late Night Workshop, John Thibodeaux, 3Peat

This workshop teaches folks how to play for quicker pacing, just like the award winning group 3Peat. How tight can you be as an ensemble? We’ll work on techniques to improve trust and playing harder that will improve the dynamics and add much needed energy to any show. Register for this workshop!

Improv Your Swag - Nnamdi Ngwe, 3Peat

Lacking confidence in your day to day life and/or improv? Let’s work it out together. Come here, open up, and leave confident af. Register for this workshop!

Emotional Commitment - Mary Holland

This workshop will focus on developing skills for making emotionally committed choices as an improviser. Being invested in a scene and giving weight to the emotional truth of the character can help move a scene forward and make it more interesting to be in and watch. We will do exercises geared towards developing these muscles. Register for this workshop!

Grounded Scene Work - Mary Holland

Based on This Show is Not Funny (a show at UCB Los Angeles), the exercises in this workshop will work towards building grounded, acting-focused improv scenes. This Show is Not Funny is a long-form improv format in which the players sit in extended scenes, with an aim of making these scenes as true to life and committed as possible. Students will begin to develop the confidence and skills to be in a longer scene and feel that it can be sustained through emotional commitment and relationship building.Register for this workshop!